05. June 2017
Has your beloved pet passed away? I can immortalize your pet. I capture the character of your dog or cat using the labor intensive glass on metal technique cloisonne enamel. Cloisonne enamel is painting many layers of powdered sugar consistency glass in layers. Each layer is kiln fired to create this wearable pet portrait. Please feel free to contact me for pricing.
26. April 2017
Each piece of cloisonné enamel jewelry I create is based on personal experiences I've had. Some enamels have a deep story regarding a personal struggle or an inspiration that warms my heart. Some are symbols that have meaning to me and my clients. My business has always been about personal connection. I participate in art shows every year because I want to meet, connect and build personal relationships with my fans so I can create timeless heirlooms for you. I've been setting up and tearing my...